Thursday, November 7, 2019

Unifi: Accessing the switch (CLI)

1. ssh admin@${IP_SWITCH}

2. Switch48Ports-US.v4.0.66# telnet
      Entering character mode
      Escape character is '^]'.

      The changes may break controller settings and only be effective until reboot.

      (UBNT) #enable

      (UBNT) #show run

      (UBNT) #show tech-support

     Others commands:

     (UBNT) #?
     application Start or stop an application.
     cablestatus Isolate the problem in the cable attached to an interface.
     capture Enable CPU packets capturing.
     clear Reset configuration to factory defaults.
     configure Enter into Global Config Mode.
     copy Uploads or Downloads file.
     debug Configure debug flags.
     delete Deletes the given image or the language pack file.
     dir Display directory information.
     disconnect Close remote console session(s).
     dot1x Configure dot1x privileged exec parameters.
     enable Set the password for the enable privilege level.
     erase Erase configuration file.
     exit To exit from the mode.
     filedescr Sets text description for a given image.
     help Display help for various special keys.
     hostname Change the system hostname.
     ip Configure IP parameters.
     logout Exit this session. Any unsaved changes are lost.
     network Configuration for inband connectivity.
     quit Exit this session. Any unsaved changes are lost.
     reload Reset the switch.
     renew To renew IP Address.
     script Apply/Delete/List/Show/Validate Configuration Scripts.
     set Set Router Parameters.
     show Display Switch Options and Settings.
     snmp-server Configure SNMP server parameters.
     telnetcon Configure telnet connection parameters.
     terminal Set terminal line parameters.
     update Updates the bootloader on the node from the active/backup image.
     vlan Type 'vlan database' to enter into VLAN mode.
     write Configures save options.

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