Friday, February 28, 2020

shellcheck - A tool for checking shell scripts

$ sudo dnf install ShellCheck

$ shellcheck my-shell-script

buy buy baby crib - support for amcrest camera

Before print, scale to:
X = 82.9535 mm
Y = 103.6919 mm
Z = 171.0916 mm


VPN: Cannot SSH to any machine (keep stuck)

Connected to my VPN server (Unifi Ubiquiti) and can't ssh to any host. (Using Hotspot from cellphone)

ssh -vvv [IP_ADDRESS]
debug1: kex: client->server cipher: MAC: compression: none
debug1: kex: curve25519-sha256 need=32 dh_need=32
debug1: kex: curve25519-sha256 need=32 dh_need=32
debug3: send packet: type 30
debug1: expecting SSH2_MSG_KEX_ECDH_REPLY (stuck here)

$ cat /etc/fedora-release
Fedora release 31 (Thirty One)

$ sudo ip li set mtu 1200 dev ppp0

Credits to this thread

Thursday, February 13, 2020

3D Printer: Lulzbot TAZ 6 - Extruder Idler

Lulzbot TAZ6 Extruder Idler - I had to replace my extruder idler because it was not grabbing the filament (no pressure on the filament to go down) and sending to the printer's head. It's not perfect but works nice.

Doesn't matter, just in case: I have used Lulzbot mini 2
Material: Doesn't matter - I have used Polylite PLA 2.85 to generate the piece and also to print with the new extruder idler.

printed with: Generate Support AND NOT REMOVE the support
I have used the plastic tube as guide to filament to avoid some noise.


This thing was made with Tinkercad.
Based on:

bash: check if the program is installed

if ! [ -x "$(command -v wget)" ]; then
     dnf install wget

Tuesday, February 4, 2020

Patch of the day (4 days ago): build: make install providing systemd and config

Currently, make install is not installing systemd files and configs. Based on that, the environment is incomplete when building and installing the project manually.

Signed-off-by: Douglas Schilling Landgraf

- What I did: Improved Makefile

- How I did it: Changing the install target from Makefile

- How to verify it: make && make install (Now I see config and systemd files in the env)

Patch of the day: contrib: 10-crio-bridge.conf change subnet

Currently, the subnet example for crio-bridge is However, libpod project also provides a cni with the same subnet:

If both bridges are up and running will be a conflict. This patch
changes the crio-bridge subnet to

Signed-off-by: Douglas Schilling Landgraf dougsland ..

- What I did Change crio-bridge subnet from 10-crio-bridge.conf

- How I did it Replacing subnet in 10-crio-bridge.conf

- How to verify it Making both bridges up (with same subnet) and run ./hack/ The kube-dns and kube-dashboard pods couldn't run. If I turn down the bridge from libpod everything works again.

3D Printer: Ender 3 LED Holder remix